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Caster Semenya signs for South African football team

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Two-time Olympic 800m gold medallist Caster Semenya has joined a women’s football team.
The 28-year-old is unable to compete without needing drugs after a rule change by the IAAF, sports’ body.
This means she can’t defend her 800m World Championship title in Doha though the rule change is being fought by her through the courts.
She is now training with women’s football club JVW.
The three-time world champion, who announced that she wouldn’t be defending her 800m world name, cannot starting playing until the 2020 season JVW, with signed out the transfer window.
“I am excited about this new journey, I appreciate the support and love I get in the team,” Semenya informed the club site.
Club creator and South Africa captain Janine van Wyk explained:”I am absolutely out that out of all the other women’s clubs around the globe, she’s chosen JVW as the club in which she would like to begin showcasing her soccer skills.”
Semenya really isn’t the first athlete – after retiring in 2017, before signing for Australian facet Central Coast Mariners, side Stromsgodset was joined by Usain Bolt, however he left in the club after eight weeks.
The IAAF introduced that the rule change since it argues female athletes using differences of sexual development (DSD) – for example Semenya – possess”a competitive advantage”.
Athletes should take medication in order to compete into the mile in track events from 400m or change into a different distance.
Former Arsenal defender Tony Adams discusses his entire life
It has among the widest ranges of selection in sport and cries to space and cross country running or sprints.
With latest scores and headlines sent right to your device more, make sure you get a good sporting life.
BBC Sport picks out the sporting events of 2019, such as World Athletics Championships, the Rugby World Cup and the Ashes.

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Opinion analysis: Justices strike down federal sports gambling law (Updated)

The 10th Amendment provides that, if the Constitution doesn’t give a power to the national authorities or take that power away in the states, that power has been reserved for the states or the people themselves. The Supreme Court has interpreted this provision to bar the federal government from”commandeering” the countries to enforce national laws or policies. Now the justices ruled that a federal law which bars states from legalizing sports gambling violates the anti-commandeering doctrine. Their choice not only opens the door for states around the country to allow sports gambling, but it also can give considerably more power to states generally, on issues ranging from the decriminalization of marijuana to sanctuary cities.
The federal law at issue in the case is the skilled and Amateur Sports Protection Act, which dates back to 1992. The legislation, called PASPA, bans most states from (among other things) authorizing sports betting; it carved out an exception that could have allowed New Jersey to set up a sports-betting strategy in the state’s casinos, provided that the state did so within a year. But it required New Jersey 20 years to behave: In 2012, the state legislature passed a law which legalized sports betting.
Justice Alito delivers opinion in Murphy v. NCAA (Art Lien)
The National Collegiate Athletic Association and the four major professional sports leagues went into court, asserting that the 2012 law breached PASPA. The lower federal courts agreed, prompting the New Jersey legislature to go back to the drawing board. In 2014, it passed a new law which rolled back present bans on sports betting, at least since they applied to New Jersey casinos and racetracks. The NCAA and the championships returned to court, asserting that the new law also violated PASPA, along with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 3rd Circuit ruled against the state.
The Supreme Court agreed to consider that the state’s constitutional challenge to PASPA, and now the court reversed. In a decision by Justice Samuel Alito, the court began by explaining that the”anticommandeering doctrine may seem arcane, but it’s simply the expression of a basic structural conclusion integrated into the Constitution” –“that the decision to withhold from Congress the power to issue orders directly to the States.” And that, the majority continued, is precisely the problem with the supply of PASPA that the nation challenged, which bars states from authorizing sports betting: It”unequivocally dictates exactly what a state legislature could and might not perform.” “It is like” the majority indicated,”federal officers were installed in state legislative chambers and were armed with the ability to stop legislators from voting on any busting proposals. A more direct affront to state sovereignty,” Alito reasoned,”is not easy to envision.”
The court also rejected the argument, created by the leagues as well as the national authorities, that the PASPA provision barring states from authorizing sports betting doesn’t”commandeer” the states, but rather merely supersedes any state laws that conflict with the provision — a legal doctrine known as pre-emption. Pre-emption, most explained,”is based on a national law which regulates the behaviour of private actors,” but “there is just no way to understand the provision prohibiting nation authorization as anything aside from a direct command to the States,” which”is exactly what the anticommandeering rule does not allow.”
Having ascertained the PASPA provision barring states from authorizing sports gambling is unconstitutional, the majority then turned to the question which followed by that decision: Should the rest of PASPA be struck down as well, or will the legislation endure with no anti-authorization provision? In legal terms, the query is called”severability,” and today six of the seven justices — Alito along with Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Anthony Kennedy, Clarence Thomas, Elena Kagan and Neil Gorsuch — who also consented the PASPA anti-authorization supply was unconstitutional also agreed that the whole law should fall. They concluded that, if the pub on countries authorizing or licensing sports betting had been invalid, it could be”most unlikely” that Congress would have wanted to continue to stop the states from running sports lotteriesthat were regarded as”much more benign than other kinds of betting.” Similarly, the majority posited, if Congress had known that the pub on state authorization or performance of sports gambling will be struck down, it wouldn’t have desired the concurrent ban on the performance of sports-betting schemes by private entities to continue. The PASPA provision barring the advertising of sports gambling met the same fate; differently, the court explained,”national law could forbid the promotion of an activity that is legal under both state and federal legislation, and that’s something that Congress has seldom done.”
The majority acknowledged that the question of whether to legalize sports betting”is a contentious one” that”requires a significant policy choice.” But that choice, nearly all continued,”is not ours to make. Congress can control sports betting right, but if it elects not to do so, every State is free to act by itself.”
Justice Clarence Thomas filed a concurring opinion in which he focused not on the substance of this court’s judgment but instead on a rather abstract legal question: the viability of the court’s present severability doctrine. Thomas made clear that he combined the majority’s decision striking down most PASPA since”it gives us the best response it could to this question, and no party has asked us to apply a different test.” However he suggested that the court ought to, at some stage later on, rethink its severability doctrine, which he characterized as”suspicious” To begin with, he observed, the doctrine is contrary to the tools that judges normally use to translate laws since it takes a “`nebulous inquiry into hypothetical congressional purpose,”’ teaching judges to attempt to figure out what Congress would have wanted to do if a part of a law violated the Constitution, when”it appears unlikely that the enacting Congress had any intention on this query.” Secondly, he continued, the philosophy”often requires courts to weigh in on statutory provisions that no party has” a legal right to battle.
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg filed a dissenting opinion. Ginsburg did not elaborate on her apparent conclusion (joined in total by Justice Sonia Sotomayor) which PASPA’s bar on the authorization of sports betting by the states does not violate the Constitution. Instead, she contended (also with the support of Justice Stephen Breyer) that, even if PASPA’s anti-authorization provision is unconstitutional, the remaining portion of the law should remain in force. “On no logical ground,” Ginsburg emphasized,”is it concluded that Congress would have chosen no statute whatsoever if it couldn’t prohibit States from authorizing or licensing such strategies.”
New Jersey has long estimated that allowing sports gambling could revive the state’s struggling racetracks and casinos. In March of this year, ESPN projected that if New Jersey were to triumph, the country could have legal sports betting by the time football season kicks off in the fall; almost two dozen other nations are also considering bills that would allow sports gambling. The economic impact of allowing sports betting cannot be understated: Legal sports betting in Las Vegas takes in over $5 billion annually, and most estimates put the value of illegal sports betting in the United States at around $100 billion.
Now’s ruling may also have a much broader reach, potentially affecting a range of themes that bear little similarity to sports betting. By way of example, fans of so-called”sanctuary cities” — cities that refuse to cooperate with federal immigration officials to enforce immigration laws — have cited the 10th Amendment in late challenges to the federal government’s attempts to implement states on grants for state and local law enforcement. Challenges to the federal government’s recent efforts to enforce federal marijuana laws in countries that have legalized the drug for either recreational or medical use might also be dependent on the 10th Amendment.

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Long: Aaron Donald is ‘best football player in the world’

Leading up to this 2014 draft, questions persisted about Aaron Donald’s ability to transition into the NFL game within an undersized defensive tackle, which helped explain why he fell to No. 13 overall.
In hindsight, those questions are cosmically laughable, as Donald has come to be the greatest defensive player in the league and possibly the best player in the NFL. View any cutup of Donald — like this one — and it’s funny how simple he destroys grown men.
Those pre-draft questions did not survive but a whisper. As soon as Donald put on pads, it was obvious he will be great.
Former teammate Chris Long, who was in St. Louis for Donald’s first two seasons, also said it was apparent from the beginning of training camp.
“I’d love to credit myself with being the first man to understand he will be amazing,” Long jokingly told Gus Frerotte of this”Huddle Up with Gus” podcast. “We used to joke his rookie camp that he was going to be in the Hall of Fame, but I sort of wasn’t joking.”
Long called Donald”the best football player in the world, in my estimation.”
Long noted that it isn’t just the physical characteristics, speed, strength, agility, etc., which made Donald exceptional, but also the psychological acuity and push to be good are off the charts, too.
“I’ve never seen anybody work so hard, who had so much ability and perform so barbarous and perform with this kind of tenacity,” he said. “This guy would struggle you on the area at the drop of a hat, and I admire that about him, and outworks everybody.
“I would be the last man in the film room usually at the conclusion of camp, and I’d go in there and observe tape after everyone was at home. I began going in there and opening the door and turning the lights to find my pencil or notebook, and he was in there every evening.”
In five times, Donald has made five Pro Bowls, made four first-team All-Pros and won back-to-back Defensive Player of the Year awards. He is the NFL sacks leader and is on pace to one day be fitted for a gold jacket.

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Luc Holtz and Michael O’Neill share angry words after Northern Ireland win over Luxembourg

Luc Holtz traded words following Northern Ireland ‘s win over Luxembourg on Thursday with Michael O’Neill over a tackle.
Luxembourg manager Holtz was left angry after a struggle in Northern Ireland defender Tom Flanagan compelled Gerson Rodrigues to limp off ahead of their European Qualifier.
Dynamo Kyiv midfielder Rodrigues – a player for Luxembourg – left strapping to Windsor Park and is now a significant doubt for the clash with Serbia on Tuesday because he faces a scan on the injury.
O’Neill, when asked about his spat with Holtz, said:”I shook his hand in the end and that was it.”
Sky Sports News understands that has been defeated pre-match after finding his own profile that is programme had the picture .
Northern Ireland won 1-0 thanks to the match to a freak own goal by Kevin Malget because O’Neill side prepare to face Germany with both sides on Monday – live on Sky Sports – at a Qualifier
“I am not sure if you actually enjoy playing Germany to become fair but we understand the degree of the struggle and we are anticipating the game,” O’Neill added.
“We will watch Germany’s game tomorrow night, in these kinds of games we have all to gain.
“We are a very small nation and Joachim Low has turned around his group in the space of three months, it is a tough challenge but one we are looking forward to.
“We got everything out of the (Luxembourg) match we desired, it’s nice to win five matches in a row we have came through unscathed having an extremely young team onto the pitch.
“I’m pleased with everything and there were some great performances also.”
Cardiff defender Ciaron Brown – uncapped at any given level and only a week called into the U21s squad of Ian Baraclough – started the match and seemed ensured as O’Neill made eight changes to the side that beat Belarus in June.
“For Ciaron Brown to come at, this was his first week using our U21s and he has now made his senior global debut, this was a test but he did well,” O’Neill explained.

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Joe Mixon: Bengals are going to ‘shock a lot of people’

The Cincinnati Bengals sit as the forgotten team in the AFC North.

The Cleveland Browns are the offseason darlings. The Pittsburgh Steelers are trying to right the ship after a tumultuous season. Along with the Baltimore Ravens are currently entering Year 2 of the Lamar Jackson Project. Exterior this Bengals hiring coach Zac Taylor, Cincinnati is largely ignored.
??? NFL’s top 5 defensive triplets
??? Superstar clubWatson in, Brady out ??? 24 motives Chubb will break out ??? Team matches for best remaining FAs
??? Ranking deepest position groups
??? Offensive triplets: Who is No. 1?
Running back Joe Mixon thinks it is a mistake to dismiss the Bengals as contenders, telling SiriusXM NFL Radio that the”new feeling” in the coaching team energized the group and will give them an advantage in 2019.
“Everybody is starting to purchase in,” Mixon said. “We are all eager to be there. Coach Taylor, the heritage he’s trying to bring to us and things like this. I believe that we are definitely going to become a contender coming up here this season. You know, people sleep on things and us like that. That’s fine, we will let them sleep. At exactly the exact same time, I think we are going to shock a great deal of individuals.
“The city is waiting on us. I’m here to turn it around. I would like to be the group which turns it around for the city because that is all they have been awaiting.”
The Bengals have not won a playoff game since the 1990 season and have not won more than seven games the past three seasons each.
If Taylor and Co. are to turn it around, Mixon will be an integral figure, after coming off a 1,168-yard rushing season. If the Bengals can stay healthy and the offensive line enhances, they own the weapons in Mixon, A.J. Green and Tyler Boyd to become dangerous in a new crime in 2019.

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Full Odds and Betting Guide for WWE Royal Rumble 2019 Match Card

If you’re a fan of betting money on pro wrestling, then Sunday’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view will have more ways for you to win or lose money than any other occasion this season.
The men’s Royal Rumble match specifically has several different chances available to choose from, like who will eliminate the most competitions and who will survive the longest.
Unfortunately for the cruiserweight and U.S. name competitors, zero odds are assigned for their games, but another five championship spells all have favorites that are clear.

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Italian GP Qualifying LIVE!

Qualifying begins at 2pm;??Sebastian Vettel finishes ahead of Verstappen and Bottas In P3, Together with Renault running Ardently as Ricciardo Requires fourth; Hamilton only sixth; P3 Begin Postponed for track Fixes after big F3 crash;Get Sky F1’s limited time #10 Provide

Italian GP program;??Watch session live Sky Go;??The F1 Gossip Column